Varun Gandhi Leaked Defense Secrets!!!

Varun Gandhi Leaked Defense Secrets!!!

Varun Gandhi who is Member of parliament and linked with BJP leaked crucial information of defense.

He leaked information to arms manufacturers after they blackmailed him with his pictures with prostitutes.


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C Edmonds Allen a US based lawyer wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi.In letter he stated that Mr. Varun Gandhi disclosed defense details to Abhishek Verma to get contracts in India.

Varun was blackmailed by Abhishek and in return Varun disclosed all the secrets to get rid out of the problem.

Mr. Varun Gandhi in his reply he said –

  • All is nonsensical and is there any proof to this allegations
  • Uttar Pradesh elections are coming and all of this is to defame us
  • Allen is already in problem in Information Technology.

This is the reply from Varun what’s your thoughts?? comment in below section below!!!


Hot & Sexy  ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ Trailer Is Released!!!

Hot & Sexy ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ Trailer Is Released!!!

‘Wajah Tum Ho’ Trailer is released and it is a sexiest trailer of 2016.Vishal Pandya is introducing Wajah Tum Ho after Hate Story series

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Total 3 Actors are featuring

  1. Gurmeet Choudhary
  2. Sharman Joshi
  3. Sana Khan

Movie will appear on 2nd December this year.

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Movie is consisting too many hot scenes.Boys will love the romance between Sana and Gurmeet.Total duration of trailer is 2 minute and 44 seconds

You can watch the trailer below!!!

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Nexus Venture Partners Spend $7mn Series A Funding In Postman!!!

Nexus Venture Partners Spend $7mn Series A Funding In Postman!!!

Postman is a platform that helps users to

  • Build
  • Test
  • Document
  • Share their APIs

Total of $7million is invested by Nexus Venture Partners.It is for the second A series.Earlier in last october $1 million were raised by Postman.Postman is looking in US market.This amount will certainly help in their target.

Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman revealed that product will improve and will target US.


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World and Developers will benefit by this company

Postman has

  • 3 Million Developers
  • 1.6 Million monthly users

List of clients of Postman

  1. IBM
  2. Box
  3. VMware
  4. Walgreens
  5. Intuit
  6. Apigee

This is the story of Postman will bring new story soon!!!


Manoj Thakur Received Death Threat From Enemies!!!

Manoj Thakur Received Death Threat From Enemies!!!

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As we know,After URI attacks everything is not good between India and Pakistan.People of both nations also jumped in fight.Everyday we will get new update in Indo – Pak talk war!!.

Today’s breaking news is Manoj Thakur received death threat from Pakistan.

Now, Manoj Thakur is an Indian Policemen who sang the patriotic poem “Kashmir To Hoga Lekin Pakistan Nai Hoga“.This poem got viral in India but in Pakistan too.The way he sang and lyrics of this patriotic poem goes viral.

But, Some people not from India didn’t digest the popularity and words of this poem and started targeting him.They sent a life threatening message on Facebook to him.Thats true he is warned across the globe.

Farman Khan sent him the death threatening message.


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But You will love his courage when he posted this news on his wall

Look at his wall

दोस्तों मुझे दुश्मनो की गीदड़ धमकिया मिल रही है ।। मुझे खुशी है की उनके खेमे में हाहाकार मचा हुआ है।एक सूअर का पिल्ला मुझे मारने की चाह मन में पाल बैठा है।। मुझे सौगन्ध है अपनी मातृभुमि की अपने उन शहीदो की, अगर कभी इन काफिरो से मेरा आमना सामना हुआ तो इतना कोहराम मचाऊँगा की इनकी नस्ल को तबाह कर दूँगा।। वन्देमातरम ।। जय हिंद।।जय हिंद की सेना ।।

He is a brave son of India.Didn’t he????.He is just a constable in police department but his courage is enough for all Pakistan.We respect him.Did you?? Share your views in comments section below!!!


Newzealand Got 5 Runs Extra Without Even Playing A Ball!!!

Newzealand Got 5 Runs Extra Without Even Playing A Ball!!!

Something amazing happened in Day 2 of test played between India V/S Newzealand.Newzealnad started off there innings at 5-0.

Question is How???

We will explain you the whole scenario.Actually, Ravindra Jadeja gifted 5 runs to Kiwis by penalty.

Whole scenario set up in 3rd session of Day 2.India was in fantastic position and clear message from Virat is to get as much run as you can.Jaddu’s job was to give strike to well settled Rohit Sharma.

On 5th Ball of 167th Over Jaddu tried to take quick single but ended up in running in danger area

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This incident didnt occur for the first time.He already warned by the field umpire Bruce Oxenford to not to run on pitch.Umpire pealized him and gifted Newzealand with 5 runs.That’s why Newzealand started there innings with 5-0.

Thanks to Ravindra Jadeja for this

Newzealand 5-0
Newzealand 5-0

As he was batsman thats why Umpire penalized him with 5 runs and if he was bowler then he could not ball a single ball in a whole test match

Fair Enough??

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41 Year Old Sikh American Attacked In California!!!

41 Year Old Sikh American Attacked In California!!!

Racist Attack On Sikh American!!!

41 year old Sikh American attacked by few unknown people in California.He is an IT specialist.People attacked his hair as they knocked off his turban and cut his hair.His name is Maan Singh Khalsa.

Maan Singh was coming to home on 25 september then some people in car attacked him.First,they threw the beer bottle at him.Khalsa drove away but they followed him and trying to assault him.

According to Khalsa

  • 5-6 white males was there and most probably there age must be in 20 -30s
  • 3 of them attacked me
  • They were shouting “Cut His Fuc***g Hair”.
  • They not only attacked me but also the sikh faith.

The Sikh Coailition written to Police Department about the enquiry.They also said after 9/11 sikhs are regularly being target.People are becoming bias and its time for the government to step up.

Government should stop hate discrimination of sikhs.

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Akshay Kumar Finally Give His Views On Surgical Strike!!!

Akshay Kumar Finally Give His Views On Surgical Strike!!!

Akshay Kumar Video Present His Views On Surgical Strike!!!

Akshay Kumar gains more respect after presenting his views on surgical strike.Everyone in India is happy with the way Army did surgical strike across the border.Revenge has been taken by India.But, In this case some controversial also happens.Akshay Kumar video diminshed the argument currently going on.

Politicians ,Celebrities all other persons starting given there opinion.Below, is the list of celebrities and there views

  1. Arvind Kejriwal Salutes Narendra Modi on surgical strike
  2. Om Puri insults Indian Army and recieved FIR as a gift
  3. Salman Khan supports Pakistan Artists and he also recieve FIR as a gift
  4. Nana Patekar slams all celebrities supporting Pak Artists

Recently, Akshay Kumar slams all the controversies and supported Indian Army and there families.

Akshay Kumar Video

Below are the keypoints of his 1 minute and 20 seconds speech


  • Today I am not talking as a actor nor as a celebrity but today I am talking as a Army Man’s Son.
  • From few days I am watching in news and newspaper that Indians are fighting over surgical strike issue.
  • Someone wants proof of Surgical Strike.
  • Somepeople demands ban on Artists.
  • Some People is scared war will happen or not.
  • Bullshit, Please debate on this isssue later but on this time think about the soldiers who lost there lives
  • 19 soldiers died in URI Attack.
  • 1 soldier Nitin Yadav died in Baramulla attack.
  • Did there families and other soldiers families really think that new movie will release or not or any Pak Artists will ban or not.
  • Currently, they are thinking about there future.
  • And our problem is that soldiers families present and future will be good.
  • We are living due to them even nation is living due to them.
  • Atlast he said “JAI HIND”.

Above words are so strong to hear. We all agree with above points and really happy that our celebs not enjoying there lives but giving time to soldiers and thinking about there families.

Watch Full Video Below

After Hearing the strong words hopefully, you will respect him more.
Being Topper salutes Akshay Kumar and his speech

Hopefully you liked it and please mention your views on this video in comment section below.

Who will win Punjab Elections 2017??? Punjab Opinion Poll 2017 !!!

Who will win Punjab Elections 2017??? Punjab Opinion Poll 2017 !!!

Punjab Elections 2017 Opinion Poll!!!

Elections in punjab are coming in just few months later.Though no date is confirmed till now.But, political parties are too active to impress voters.People also starting to decide their favourites. An era of hot war is started and lets see how many will burn in this war.Punjab Elections is the trending to

Till Now, Being Topper has been very active on ground level but, not on social media.We are engaging in political ralies, Vidhan Sabha’s opinion poll and office work of political parties.There has been heating situation and there is more than tough to read pulse.

Being Topper decided to launch online opinion poll @25 Sept 5:30 pm

This digital opinion poll will target only people of Punjab though technically.

Main Political parties are below:-

So, below you can caste your vote.Do not swing your mood after voting because you cannot change your vote after casting.

Opinion Poll Of Punjab Elections

[socialpoll id=”2389760″]

Political DNA Of Each Party-


  1. SAD is the current political party in power and lots of people is unhappy with lots of things.
  2. SAD followers are diminishing day by day.
  3. Sports Stadium has been built by SAD.


  1. AAP is the current political party in Delhi and many people is targeting Kejriwal of Attacking Modi all the time.Though Arvind Kejriwal did some good work in Delhi
  • Like, Mohalla Sabha
  • Mohalla Clinic
  • Education Department
  • Lokpal Bill is passed(not cleared by center)\
  • All PWDs roads are good condition
  • Zero tolerance in corruption
  • Power Bill tarrif is half
  • Water is free in Delhi
  • Affordable college loans
  • Skill training school
  • ODD Even to reduce pollution
  • VAT collection increased in the first quarter
  • Solar Power in good boost

And many more things but, there are too many negative things are too like

  • Somnath Bharti inclusion in home fight
  • His MLA caught demanding bribe
  • His MLA caught in MMS
  • 400% hike in salary
  • Always blaming MODI and LG
  • Chicken gunia and Dengue cases in daily.
  • No wifi till now and many more things

Punjab Elections will be real test of everyone and even Narendra Modi.

Punjab Opinion Poll 2017

[socialpoll id=”2393205″]

Whats your opinion right below in comments

@Poll Decider is just taking opinion poll  through third party and will not responsible for the exact numbers.

Arvind Kejriwal Salutes Narendra Modi For Surgical Strikes!!!

Arvind Kejriwal Salutes Narendra Modi For Surgical Strikes!!!

I Think Arvind Has Changed!!!

Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal

As we know, Arvind Kejriwal always targets Narendra Modi for any type of issue.But this time he supported him and even salutes him.The topic is on surgical strikes.

Arvind who always target Modi for work in Delhi is today in support with him.He added,

  • We may have differences with center government but AAP is currently stand with India and Narendra Modi.
  • Narendra Modi knows how to deal with Pakistan
  • I salute him
  • He said AAP is cuurently in stand with Center and we will sort Delhi’s Matter later
  • He added Pakistan ‘BOKHLA GAYA H’ after the strike
  • Now Pakistan is doing dirty politics at International ERA by taking Journalists to International Border
  • UN also supported Pakistan by saying there was no such activity traced in recent days.
  • This kind of news boiling our blood and its time to defeat Pakistan at international level
  • He added show the video to world and proove that Pakistan is wrong and give them a big slap
  • We are with you Narendra Modi ji Thanks and Bharat Mata Ki jai

Video Recorded by him


Above were the key points of his 2 minute and 52 seconds video.We didnt feel anything wrong and Please share this and to show the real face of Bhakts who are separading lies to the world and trying to defame Arvind Kejriwal

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